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Does the author respond to emails and messages?

Those who have visited www.killernovels.com in the past will understand that this entire site is new (as of 2019) and uses a fresh, more comprehensive approach.

And so, I hope you can appreciate that at present I am... rather busy.

Thus, there is great difficulty keeping up with emails and personal messages.  Sorry about that.

That said, please visit my Killer Novels Facebook ® page to:

  • comment on a novel or my website
  • tell your friends about my website
  • or to simply say hello

As always, I thank you for you support, and for not placing lewd or crude messages on my Facebook® page.

For typos, mistakes etc. in my novels or elsewhere, see below.


Watt?  Ewe found a typo???  Knot posssssibel! :)

For anyone who wants to tell me about a typo in any novel portion (or anywhere else for that matter), please do the following:

Let me know by emailing me at <contact@killernovels.com>

  • don't bother noting page numbers (which change with every viewer, font size, etc...)
  • Chapter numbers are not required either.
  • please note the novel name only ('free' or 'paid' portion is not required).
  • write down a short phrase, including any mistakes - spelling, grammar, words missing...
    • example:  "it seemed like a fare mistake" - or - "This is spelzt wrong"
    • I will use the Find function to find and rectify all problems (eventually).
  • And, of course, I thank you for your help.

I Q Cameron


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Something of Interest for You

My wife, Christine, likes to take photos.  These are hers.
From Sunny Queensland, Australia...

Ah, sunny Oz...

(Elliott Heads, near Bundaberg, Queensland, (sunny) Australia)

To Beautiful Nova Scotia, (and wonderfully cooler) Canada.

To chilly Canada :)

(LaHave Islands, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Both are amazing places and great inspirations for novels.
Both photos include amazing coastal vistas, but one is a bit chillier... :)

May God bless you as you consider His amazing creation.

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Happy Reading...

I Q Cameron

From the sunny tropics of Australia to the snowy beauty of Nova Scotia, Canada...
(See the photos below...)

Please understand that I simply cannot answer all messages.  If I did, I might never write another novel... :)

So again, please be patient...

Please also read my articles to see my perspective on life, love, my Christian faith and beliefs, and more.  And please note that at times I address these topics in my novels too.

So, happy reading :)

You found a typo???

If you would like to report any typos to me, please do the following.  I certainly appreciate the help.

  • Do NOT give page numbers, as these change
  • Don't worry about CHAPTER numbers either
  • Simply note the novel name
  • Then note the actual mistake by giving me a short phrase containing the problem
    • eg. "This is spelzt wrong"
    • or, "seems like a fare mistake"
  • That's all I need, since I use the Find function to find and fix all problems.
  • email errors to <contact@killernovels.com>
  • Thanks.

Check out my slowly-growing list of articles.


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