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About the Author

Greetings, friends.

My name is Ian.  I write fiction, music and articles under my real name, I Q Cameron.

I’m just an ordinary person with a great desire to write, and this entire site, all novels, music and articles have all been designed and created by me (and sometimes my wife and my brother). 

I am Australian, having moved to Canada with my wife in 2011.  I grew up in the tropics of Oz, mostly in the bush (which in Canada they often call ‘the woods’), and I love the quiet, easy life of my new, much colder home.

Why make this web site?

It is my great desire to share some really hard-hitting stories with you, and I truly think you’ll be pleased and astonished if you’ll just give my work a try.  Years spent in such beautiful places as Australia and Canada stand by me well when it comes to describing some of my more exotic and beautiful novel-scenes, coupled with some really stunning and thought-provoking stories.

I think you’ll find that my writing style is different.  Impacting, real, emotive.

When I started out, I wrote two novels with simple Christian messages as a small addition.  Later, I wrote hard-hitting murder and terror.  When I read or watch a movie, the part I like most is trying to guess the identity of the 'baddie' or 'baddies'.  And so, when I write, I try to give as many clues throughout the story so that at the end you should either be congratulating yourself or kicking yourself, depending on whether or not you correctly guessed the perpetrator/s and motive/s.

So good luck trying...

Then, having been a Christian (and a writer) for some decades, I have never found Christian novels that seemed ‘real’ to me.  We live in a dangerous, turbulent world – a world that is full of intrigue, violence and disturbing events.  There is adventure too, and love, and many exciting things.  I therefore attempt to write about all these issues in life with as much reality as I dare.  It is not my desire to glorify violence, terrorism or intrigue, but neither do I want to sanitize these issues.  Hence, I attempt to capture all those events, pleasures and dangers, without shying away from reality.  I have no doubt that I will offend some readers (who perhaps don’t think that a Christian should delve into such matters, let alone in such detail), and for that, I apologize.

I attempt to make my novels real.  My stories are violent, realistic, sometimes surreal, and most of all, (I hope) compelling.

Please bear with me as I develop my website.  Whether you like my stories or not, I can guarantee you’ll find them nothing short of stunning!

Evoking, shocking, inspiring, memorable!

Please, come and enjoy my novels with me.  I truly hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

I Q Cameron.

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Something of Interest...

My wife, Christine, likes to take photos.  These are hers.

From Sunny Queensland, Australia...

Ah, sunny Oz...

(Elliott Heads, near Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia)

To Beautiful (and colder) Nova Scotia, Canada.

To chilly Canada :)

(LaHave Islands, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Both are amazing places and great inspiration for novels.  Both photos have boats, but one is a bit chillier, though... :)


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I Q Cameron

I Q Cameron

Keen to share some amazing novels with you.