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Just Me

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(Sequel to ‘Fair Game’)

A stunning and gripping murder story with a baffling and engrossing plot.  One year after a series of brutal and bloody murders shocked the town of Greenrock, Detectives must again pit their wits against a cruel and efficient killer.

A wonderful, tropical setting, realistic characters with very real problems, and graphic descriptive content will have the reader right there with victims and murderer alike, all with the added pleasure of trying to solve the identity and motives of the callous, hidden killer.

Shocking, stunning and yet undeniably enjoyable, the killer and motive make ‘Just Me’ captivating reading.  And all done with a clear and easily understandable message about the forgiveness and love of God, wonderful options open to killer and victim alike.

A reading must!

I like this story because it gives hope for the person who has messed up… shall we say, significantly 🙂  Again, perhaps not for the fainthearted (one look at what the crab in the picture is holding should say it all), but a good read and challenging too.

My Ratings:  Violence, Adult Themes



(90,000 words)

Just Me is the thrilling and baffling sequel to the stunning murder story, Fair Game, and like its predecessor, it is loaded with thrills, suspense and murder, a neat Christian message and an amazing, yet twisted outcome.  If you enjoy murder stories with suspense and surprises, you’ll really enjoy the warped and spiteful motives of this callous killer.  Moreover, if you’re looking for a simple example of God’s desire to deal mercifully with us all, this may help.

Someone is on the rampage again in the town of Greenrock.  An emotionless killer is stalking and dispensing with victims at an alarming rate, shattering the peaceful way of life of the beachside town.  Surely no one deserves what is happening here…

One year on since Detectives Tony Fisher and Dorothy Shank gunned down a young cop for the murders of numerous models, bodies are accumulating again.  Worst of all, this killer, just like the previous one, leaves no clues.  And there seems to be no real thread to connect all the victims.

Just Me is a challenging suspense-thriller with a gripping plot and more than one most satisfying twist.  Not only does it give the reader the pleasure of trying to figure out the murderer’s identity and motive, but it also gives some small and simple examples of what it truly means to be a Christian, ‘warts and all’.

Only the very astute will guess what’s happening here, and one has to wonder, who in the story will survive…  Will anyone be saved?  Will anyone find peace?  Take the plunge and see if you can work it all out before it’s too late.
The murder is on the move…  Let your mind be moving too!
Guaranteed satisfaction!  Guaranteed detective-skill fun!  And guaranteed twists!



From Chapter 1

It was like coming out of a dream…  And yet in ???’s mind there was heaviness, a drug-induced daze…

“Smile for me…”  The voice was insistent…  “Careful, my girl.  Careful,” came a casual reply.

She gave token resistance as her hands continued to be stroked, and then slowly coaxed behind her, and only when she heard the crisp snapping sound of a plastic zip-tie clasping her wrists tightly together did she attempt to protest.

Sadly, though, clarity came far too late…  The plastic bag sucked to her face like shrink-wrap.

“Don’t fight it.  Please, Stephanie.”  The voice was insistent.  “Just let it take you, ???.  It’s merciful.  Trust me!  Just go with it!”
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From Chapter 5

“You can’t be serious!” ??? snorted.

“I’m very serious!” came the terse reply.  The darkened figure backed up several paces in the moonlight before a backdrop of glistening ocean and dazzling, white stars…

“No,” she said defiantly.  “I won’t do it.”

“Yes you will…  You’re brave.  Feisty and brave.  I’ll give you that.”

??? gave a grunt of protest as the silencer first mingled with her short, neat, dark hair, and then gently kissed her scalp…
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From Chapter 9

“Stupid girl.  You earned this.  So now you can show me something.”

With dazed eyes [she] looked up…  Another series of long, shrill gasps followed, and then ??? began to claw her way forward as though she might escape her callous, murdering guest.

“Forget it, ???.  It’s alright.  It’s okay.  Really, just relax.  You’re already dead.  Your body just don’t know it yet.  Trust me.  I know.”

“You’re a pretty girl, Jill,” came the torment.  “You know that.  You’ll make an excellent corpse for those folks down at the old ME’s office.  They’re just gonna just love you.”

“Nearly there…” came the taunt.  “You can do it.  Come on.  Just a little more.  Please, ???.  Make it worth my while…  Do you know why I’m killing you…?  Do you?”
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From Chapter 19

“Tell me this, Tony,” she asked lovingly, pausing momentarily, pleading with him to answer.  “If I could give you another chance at life, would you make the most of it?  Forgive me, won’t you.”

With that she moved the silencer back to rest against Dorothy Shank’s temple, smiled briefly and lovingly at him, then…
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