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Graphic - Christian, action, murder, sci-fi


(170,000 words)  Unsuspecting victims wake up in a jungle setting, with no memory of how they arrived there.  Worse still, they suddenly find themselves being shot at by an unseen hunter, victims in a cruel and deadly game.

 Deadly Simulation - Christian, action, murder, sci-fiDeadly Simulation

(98,000 words)  Sequel to Graphic, in which the horrors of Vince Vanderman’s island of carnage continue.  When a trio of intrepid truth-seekers ventures to the forbidden island, they find a new twist on all the reported horrors of the past – invisible robotic creatures hunt and kill unsuspecting, innocent victims, and the fight for survival begins…

 Just Me - Christian, murder, thriller, who's-doin'-it?Fair Game

(80,000 words)  A murderer is on the loose in the town of Greenrock, and the body count of young blonde models is rising rapidly…  A Christian cop and his partner must act quickly to save lives.

Book Cover Just Me Angle01

Just Me

(90,000 words)  Sequel to Fair Game sees a killer yet again on the loose, and the bodies are piling up…  But this time, the Christian detective and his partner are living with dark secrets of their own as they seek to catch the killer, and end the spiraling death-toll.

Legacies - Christian, action, adventure, romance

The Legacies We Leave Ourselves

(120,000 words)  The story of Andy Harrison, a man battling with the death of his childhood sweetheart – a death for which he blames himself.  When a light plane is lost on the top of a foggy mountain, Andy must battle the dangers of the mountain and the same flooding river which claimed the life of his one true love – in order to save those who are lost.   A story of love, loss and adventure, and with a moving hidden twist – brilliant reading!

Quicksand - Christian, action, intrigue, sci-fi


(120,000 words)  In the year 2036, scientists perfect the art of time travel, and send a man back to the 1950’s as a test.  However, the man becomes obsessed with President John F. Kennedy, and sets out to save the president from assassination.  Take a look at the assassination through the eyes of a man who would intervene… Find out who Oswald really was…  Find out who really did it…

Ripples - Christian, action, adventure, sci-fi


(62,000 words)  Sequel to Quicksand . A traitor within USTECH has sold time-travel technology to the Chinese, who have sent agents to the past to intervene in history. The US president must also intervene, to prevent major world catastrophes from occurring.

A hint on readers

While most readers, computers etc can read more than one file format (pdf, mobi, epub… etc), each usually has its preferred one.  I’ve put a guide below to help you choose the file that might best suit you, but you may find you get a better reading experience with one file-type over another.

All the file types for each novel contain exactly the same content as each other.  For example, (free portion) is the same as Ripples.epub (free portion)… and (paid conclusion) is the same as Ripples.epub (paid conclusion)…  Naturally the free portions and paid conclusions of any individual novel are different to each other.

So the only thing that matters to you is which file type suits you and/or your device best.  So please, experiment with the free novel portions to find which file type best suits you.  This is extremely important – as you don’t want to pay for a novel conclusion in a format that isn’t suited to your reader.

And please, use my guide exactly and only as that – a guide.


Once you’ve found the file type that works best on your device, you should choose that file type when purchasing a novel conclusion – since you’ll only be able to choose one file type (pdf, mobi, epub… etc) with each novel conclusion purchase.

Kindle preferred format = AZW3

  • Also supports MOBI, PRC and PDF

Kobo preferred format = EPUB

  • Also supports PDF and MOBI

Nook preferred format = EPUB

  • Also supports PDF.

PC preferred format = PDF

  • A PC can support all/most formats if loaded with the appropriate reader programs
Please note: Multiple downloads of novel conclusions is not possible, unless a customer wishes to pay for each novel conclusion type (.mobi, .epub, .pdf… etc), so it is important to choose the best format for your reader / computer during the free download portion of your viewing experience – ie. the free novel portions.