About Me


Hey there.

My name is Ian Cameron.  I write Christian fiction under my real name, I Q Cameron.

I Q Cameron

I just love to write

Instead of pretending that this site belongs to some professional business or group of writers, I thought I might try some honesty for a change.  (I know, most of these type of sites have gotten along just fine without honesty sticking its nose in so far… 🙂 )  Truth is though, I’m just an ordinary person with a great desire to write, and this entire site, all novels and everything you see have all been designed and created by just one person – me.  I am Australian, having moved to Canada with my wife in 2011.  I grew up in the tropics of Oz, mostly in the bush (which in Canada they call ‘the woods’ 🙂 ), and love the quiet, easy life of my new, much colder home.

It is my sincere desire to share some really hard-hitting stories with you, and I truly think you’ll be pleased and astonished if you’ll just give my work a try.  Years spent in such beautiful places stands by me well when it comes to describing some of my more exotic novel-scenes.  So, that’s who I am, and this is my approach.  Not a company of writers.  Just me.  Me, and some really stunning stories (well, I hope you think so, anyway).

But I think you’ll find that my writing style is different.  Impacting, real, emotive.

Having been a Christian (and a writer) for some decades, I have never found Christian novels that seemed ‘real’ to me.  We live in a dangerous, turbulent world – a world that is full of intrigue, violence and disturbing events.  There is adventure too, and love, and many exciting things.  I therefore attempt to write about all these issues in life with as much reality as I dare.  It is not my desire to glorify violence, terrorism or intrigue, but neither do I want to sanitize these issues.  Hence, I attempt to capture all those events, pleasures and dangers, without shying away from reality.  I have no doubt that I will offend some readers (who perhaps don’t think that a Christian should delve into such matters, let alone in such detail), and for that, I apologize.

I attempt to make my novels real.  My stories are violent, realistic, sometimes surreal, and most of all, (I hope) compelling.

Please bear with me as I develop my website.  Whether you like my stories or not, I can guarantee you’ll find them nothing short of stunning!

Evoking, shocking, inspiring, memorable!

Please, come and enjoy my novels with me.  I truly hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

I Q Cameron.