Christian novels that will leave you challenged and wanting more

Welcome to a truly ‘novel’ website. 🙂

Sorry about that…  I just couldn’t resist.  What I mean is, here you can read free novel portions, and only purchase conclusions to the ones you enjoy.

Ready to Go!!!

Yahoo!  And by that I mean most of you can now download free portions and purchased conclusions of my novels!

If you have trouble, please bear with me as I work on getting out the bugs.  I truly want you to enjoy my work.

You get

  • New, remarkable and exciting novels

    • in a format that suits your reader or computer
    • hard hitting, top quality stories
    • stories with a message, a challenge, and just lots of fun
  • Approximately 20-40% free (as a minimum)

    • simply download any novel by clicking on its link – no obligations, no tricks.  Just good fun reading!
    • read novels in pdf, mobi, epub, azw3 and prc (suits most readers and computers)
  • Then, once you know you like a story, you only purchase the novel conclusions you want

    • (you don’t have to buy anything you don’t want)
  • Enjoy some of the most challenging novels you may ever see!