Welcome to a truly ‘novel’ website. 🙂

Sorry about that…  I just couldn’t resist.  What I mean is, here you can read free novel portions, and only purchase conclusions to the ones you enjoy.

Ready to Go!!!

You can now download free portions and purchased conclusions of my novels!

If you have trouble, please bear with me as I work on getting out the bugs.  I truly want you to enjoy my work.

You get

  • New, remarkable and exciting novels

    • in a format that suits your reader or computer
    • hard hitting, top quality stories
    • stories with a message, a challenge, and just lots of fun
  • Approximately 20-40% free (as a minimum)

    • simply download any novel by clicking on its link – no obligations, no tricks.  Just good fun reading!
    • read novels in pdf, mobi, epub, azw3 and prc (suits most readers and computers)
  • Then, once you know you like a story, you only purchase the novel conclusions you want

    • (you don’t have to buy anything you don’t want)
  • Enjoy some of the most challenging novels you may ever see!